Model F.A.Q.'s


How Do I become a Model?
Hey Lovely! Thanks for reaching out to us! To become a verified model, please contact one of our Instagram coordinators or purchase this item to begin: Shop Here
I'm interested in subscribing to the Lovely Model Box! What will I receive?


We are so excited that you have been selected to model for us! Please rest assured, that our stylist will be handling your order with love and care! The items will always be trending and made to your selected size! Each month your box will vary, so you will always have a Surprise waiting for you to model!! 


I’m excited! So, How many items will I receive each month??

We are so excited to welcome you to the Lovely Gang!! Our Exclusive Model Promo Package are sent out each month. Each model is guaranteed to receive at least 2-5 items. Each package is estimated to contain at least $40+ worth of merchandise each month. Also, you will have the opportunity to be featured on our Main Instagram Account, Promo Account & Story! Now that's getting a What you Deserve!


How long is shipping for the Model Box? 
We know you're excited to take pictures in your new promo clothes! Our Lovely Team is working hard to get your order out to you within 1-4 business days! You will be emailed a confirmation with tracking information as soon as your package is mailed! Please allow time for us to prepare your VIP package and to ship it to your door!
If you notice your order hasn't shipped after 5 days- There is either an error with address, or you have selected more than 1 qty at checkout.
Please contact our support team.
Sounds Great! BUT, Will I have to subscribe Forever? Can I ever unsubscribe?? 


The Best part is, you can sign up for as many months as you want! You can even prepare your schedule to skip a month! You have complete control over your model promos with us! You can cancel at anytime :) Click here to Manage Your Model Account


I noticed, I was given a Free Model Package.. So I only Pay shipping, right?.... Will the Price ever go up for this Special Offer? 
Again, congrats on scoring our special promo deal! Because you were selected as a VIP model with us through our Instagram dept. You will never have to worry about your price changing (even as the price increases!) Your price is locked in, as long as you are part of the Lovely Gang!! Ps. We celebrate Holidays in a Special Way at Cymonnes,com, So be sure to collect your Holiday Boxes! :)

Is it true I have the chance to be featured on your Instagram Page or website? 
Absolutely True! We are so excited to share our models photos! Please be sure to take great photos for your chance to be featured. Be sure tp consider your lighting, angles, and background! Also we have exclusive giveaways for models only!

Uh oh. Can I change my Address/ or Size? 
 Not to worry lovely! We are here to help! If you notice you have made an error with your address or size, please text our support line within 24hours of placing your order. We will do our absolute best to correct any errors, how ver because we strive for fast shipping, we cannot guarantee any changes. 

OH NO! My Package has been shipped, but my address is wrong!
 Not to worry lovely! We are here to help! If you notice you have made an error with your address and your package has already been shipped, please contact your local USPS and update your address, they can help you or arrange a pick up!
(International orders- use USPS customer support line)
Account / Log-in Help!
Not to worry!! Need help logging in your Account? You can make several changes from this screen! Monitor shipments, Monitor/ Change Model Subscription settings, Check order history, ect! If you're having trouble logging in, e cure you accepted your account invite. Check your email for our invite, if you don't have it, we can resend it to you! We will be sure to get the error resolved and get your order out to you! 
I didn't receive my package, But I got a Tracking # ?
Not to worry!! If you haven't yet received your order/ and it hasn't been shipped out, it is because of an address error! Please email our team with your order # full name and correct address, so that we can get it verified and send your package to you right away!

Can I make a Return? 
We definitely want you to be completely happy and assure you that our stylists are working non-stop to provide our promo models with up to date, trending basics that can mix and match with items you already have in your closet!
Because this is an exclusive promo offer for limited customers, this item is non-refundable.
However, tell us what you didn’t love and we promise to send you something extra next month to make up for it!
We have so much more in store for our upcoming months, including custom sets, limited pieces, swimwear, makeup and lingerie.
We appreciate your business and congrats again on being selected as a model with our team!
We Hope to see you in the gang featured photos!